MusclePharm coupons

musclepharm coupon code dealsCheck out the coupons and discount deals on MusclePharm supplements and Combat Crunch bars.

MP also makes a great Creatine, energy drinks, Coconut recovery drink, fish oil, glutamine and other top notch products.

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We tried a sample bottle of MusclePharm Combat powder with 25 grams per serving of fast digesting ultra premium 100% whey protein.

musclepharm coupon deals

Check out the coupons and discount deals on MusclePharm supplements and Combat Crunch bars.

Order Muscle Pharm and get  20% Off Your next order  @

MP mixes well with water or milk and goes down easy. I just put it in a shaker bottle and it is good to go. It is gluten free and comes in a 5 lb jug.

musclepharm coupons

Check out the MusclePharm Combat Crunch bars for a discount of 25% off. Retail price $41.88 marked down to $27.31

musclepharm combat crunch bar discount coupon

Question: Do you like the Combat Crunch bars from MP?

Yes; I got a few sample bars at the Arnold competition last year and loved them. I plan on picking up a case when I get a few dollars. I am going to have to hide them as my kids will definitely get into them and they will disappear.

musclepharm combat stack coupon

Check out the Combat Stack from MP with a price deal of $69 vs $121 retail.

If you are looking to build muscle and a protein powder that will promote muscle gains then you need to check out Muscle Pharm products. You will still need to get plenty of sleep to support recovery. MP will help you to boost your strength levels and overall power.

Question: How do you like the MP Combat powder vs BSN syntha-6?

Both are good quality proteins and are listed as Top 10 powders from  I would look at the label and make sure that all of the ingredients agree with your body. Then I would try a sample and make sure that you body digest it well.

Question: How much sodium is in this product?

Combat powder has only 65 mg of sodium per sodium. You can find higher levels of sodium in other proteins and it will lead to water retention and not a true measure of your muscle gains.

Question: What is the best way to mix up the protein for best results?

We like to put it in a shaker bottle with 8 ounces of water and shake it up really good. If you are at home we like to add in about 12 ounces of milk to give it a few extra grams of protein.

Question: I am taking a lot of protein but not seeing a ton of gains – what gives? You need to put in hard work in the gym and make sure you are eating a balanced clean diet. You also need to make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep. If you are not doing those steps then you can take all the protein in the world and it will not help you. Work on the first 3 and then take the powder and it will help you.

Question: What is your favorite workout for building mass and getting strong?

We like the Wendler 5-3-1 program as it is very simple and effective.  If you run into a plateau you just start over with a week of rest and reset.

Question: Where can I get an IFBB pro card? Check here:

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