US Navy SEAL David Goggins Gives Advice on Not Feeling Accepted

Check out how US Navy SEAL David Goggins Gives Advice on Not Feeling Accepted.

“Learn to fit in with yourself!

I get a lot of emails from people asking me how to deal with not being accepted. It’s ironic that so many people ask me of all people how to be accepted!

Here is my answer: I like it when people don’t like or accept me.

It means that I am being true to me and being me makes people uncomfortable. People continuing to not like or agree with me means that I haven’t watered down my strong opinions and standards just to appeal to everyone. For that reason alone, people will continue to misunderstand me and I stopped trying to explain myself years ago.

Stop trying to fit in.

This world needs more unique people. People who believe in what they believe in and can say fuck you if you don’t like it. Most of the time trying to fit in means you lose the very thing that makes you unique- your mind and ability to think on your own.

There are a lot of people out there who lose their voice and conviction trying to fit in. They become scared to voice their opinions out of fear that someone won’t like them anymore. Who gives a shit if someone doesn’t like how your opinion! They need to grow up and understand, it’s just your opinion.

We live in a world of thin-skinned people.

For instance, I said fuck and shit in this post so now I will get to read the comments how I offended and hurt someone’s feelings because of it. And, better yet, I get to hear how I don’t believe in God (which is the farthest thing from true!). All I can do is read the shit and laugh.

Once again, it is just someone’s fucking opinion.

They have the right to say it which is why you will never see me argue with someone. People have strong opinions on matters such as politics, religion, sexuality, race, to name just a few.

Stop judging their opinion—it is only THEIR opinion and it might be different than yours.

Moral of the story is to be true to whoever or whatever you are and where it like a badge of honor. Fit in with one person and one person only: Yourself.

Fitting in for me means I am messing up in my personal journey. We all don’t have the same journey so how the hell can we all fit in ? If someone doesn’t like you, make them hate you more!” (Post originally appeared on David Goggins’ Facebook page.)

How do you deal with the feeling of not being accepted?

Do you find yourself trying harder to force the acceptance, or have you learned to let that go?

If you are still trying, why do you think that might be?

If you have let that go, how did you allow yourself to do so?

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