Navy SEAL David Rutherford on Embracing Your Fear–Mission 3 of 5: Retrain Your Brain

“Train to fail. That’s how you learn. That’s how you understand what your limits are.

To embrace that fail. To put your vulnerability out there. Feel what it feels like in your core when you don’t succeed. Because in that moment, you’re rewiring your brain. And that prepares you to embrace fear.

Building on Parts 1 and 2–Mission 1: Search for the Truth and Mission 2: Accept Your Reality–US Navy SEAL David Rutherford gives his next challenge to you in Mission 3: Retrain Your Brain.

Music: Barrellhouse by Chad Holmes

What do each of Rutherford’s four steps mean to you? How can you execute each one today? How have you in the past? If there’s something you’re struggling with today, how can you take that struggle and embrace it? How can you turn it to your advantage?

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QUESTION: So I’ve had a totally sh*tty couple of years and my confidence is in the tank. I’m ready to get back to who I was but I’m having a hard time sticking to goals. Can you help?

ANSWER: Check out this article: How to Build Confidence, Eliminate Fear and Be Unstoppable.

Also—Feel the FEAR and do it Anyway.

QUESTION: I graduated college this past spring and I did really well. But I feel like I can’t get focused on life outside of that. How can I stop feeling like I’m just drifting around and get motivated?

ANSWER: We’ve all been there, me included. Check out this article where I talk about that and how I got going again: #1 Tip on How to Make Today Matter (and Get $hit Done).


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