Navy SEAL Jocko Willink: Do This, and You’ll Continue to Succeed Even if You Screw Up

Watch this awesome video where Jocko Willink talks about the lessons he learned in the aftermath of tragedy.

He also touches on  how to maintain integrity and gain more trust from people.

When do you notice your ego controlling you? How do you let your pride get in the way? How have you learned to get both out of the way and take ownership of a problem? How have you learned to stop the blame game?

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QUESTION: For some reason my coworkers keep looking to me for answers. I pull my weight, but I’ve always been a kind of background person. I’d like to step forward more, but every time I think about it my gut clenches up. How can I get past that and do more? Thanks!

ANSWER: Check out this article–10 Tips to Increase Mental Toughness. Also, this one: Do One Thing Daily That Scares You.

QUESTION: Hi coach. Awesome site. I was wondering if you could help. My biggest problem is procrastination because every time I get started on a project, I start feeling like there’s other stuff I should be focusing on, but then I feel guilty when I switch projects. How can I stop this? Got some tips?

ANSWER: Yes; check out this article: #1 Tip on How to Make Today Matter (and Get $hit Done).

Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Lays it out Point Blank Why You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals
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