US Navy SEAL Jocko Willink’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Get your goals in gear today (and keep your motivation all year!) with this awesome podcast episode from Jocko Willink.

What’s your favorite one he lists? How could you start using it today?

What are your current goals? What action steps are you taking–and will you take—to reach them?

Do you have a plan in place to help you circumvent roadblocks or challenges that might arise? What is it?

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Question: I need a physical challenge to get me back into training after a couple of sh*tty years. I’m totally out of the game. Do you have something to get me going again?

Answer: Yes; check out this challenge–Try This Workout: 100 Push-ups a Day. Do that and you’ll definitely get inspired to get back into the game, mentally and physically.

Question: I’m a couple years from graduating high school and I want to go into the Navy and try for the SEAL teams but I have no idea where to start because I live in a real small town in Kansas and I’m not even sure where the nearest recruiter is or how to start. Do you where I could find one and how to begin training?

Answer: Check out these two articles: How Do I Find a SEAL Mentor or Recruiter? and How Do I Prepare for BUDS Training? Also, if you become a SEALGrinderPT member, you’ll get daily access to killer workouts designed to get you even more prepared.

Adversity Is The Best Teacher

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