Navy SEAL Sniper Stress Test

West Coast Navy SEAL Sniper Monty LeClair joins Vickers Tactical for a sniper stress test course.

We mix it up with a range of shots to showcase the capabilities of a MK-12 SPR.

Monty has been shooting the SPR for years and was deployed with this weapon overseas.

It is great to sit on a bench and shoot groups to zero in your rifle.

But if you really want to train hard and realistic you need to be able to move and shoot.

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Your heart rate will jump up along with your breathing and it is makes it much harder but in the end that is what you may face in real world sniper shooting.

Question: Do you have a training course where you teach pistol and rifle?

Answer: Yes; we have an annual Freak Frog course in Montana and one in Florida.

We teach basic pistol and rifle along with survival skills and teamwork drills.

Our goal is to train hard for 16 hour days and teach you real world skills you can take home.

Question: Coach Brad; I want to start training for the Navy SEALs and lifting weights. Do you have a protein powder you can recommend?

Answer: Yes; I use Ascent Protein after any hard workout in the gym.

I just put it in a shaker bottle and add a few cubes of ice and some milk and shake it up.

I try to drink it within 30 minutes after a hard workout.

I trust it enough that my whole family uses it.

Question: I want to join the Navy and become a SEAL. What is the best way to start?

Answer: First I would contact a SEAL motivator/recruiter. Type into google that phrase and your local area. I would also look up the main website here and read as much as you can.

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