Navy SEAL TRX Workout

navy seal trx workoutThe TRX Suspension trainer was designed by a Navy SEAL for workouts while overseas on deployment.

He figured out that he could design a mobile light weight fitness device to carry anywhere in the field and work out at a minutes notice and get in his training.

Since then – not only Navy SEALs.. but many athletes around the world have been enjoying awesome workouts on the fly with the TRX Suspension trainer.

Check out the Navy SEAL TRX Workout- Live footage of a real Navy SEAL working out in the backcountry of Africa.

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Workout #1
15 TRX Tricep extensions
15 TRX Bicep Curls
15 Atomic Sit ups

The TRX was designed by Navy SEALs during their deployment onboard a ship out in the middle of the ocean. When you don’t have a nice gym to workout in – you adapt, improvise and overcome to create a gym. That is how the TRX was born.

Workout #3
Handstand pushups on wall
Ring dips with TRX
note time

Video – Navy SEAL Stew Smith winter workout

Workout #4
3 rounds for time
15 squat jumps with TRX
15 TRX pushups
15 atomic sit-ups with TRX

Workout #5
Run 0.5 mile
20 chest flies with TRX
20 one legged squat with TRX (both legs)
20 ring dips with TRX
20 tricep extension with TRX
Run 0.5 mile
note time

Video – TRX Force used on forward deployment

After every hard workout you will want to make sure to drink plenty of water and intake protein within 30 minutes to help your muscles recover fully. I personally try to get 8 hours of full sleep.

Question: Was the founder, Randy Hetrick a Navy SEAL? Yes; he was.

Navy SEAL Workout
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