Navy SEAL: Why You Should End a Shower With Cold Water

Clint Emerson, a former Navy SEAL and the author behind “100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation,” shares insights into the benefits of finishing a shower with cold water for your health.

Cold water has a therapeutic effect where it can help your body after a long hard workout.

Professional athletes use this same method after intense exercise or a race.


Cold water immersion, commonly known as “cold therapy” or “ice baths,” is often used by athletes to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness after intense training or competition. Immersing the body or specific body parts in cold water helps constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling, providing relief from exercise-induced inflammation and speeding up the recovery process.

Cold water therapy can help facilitate the recovery process by improving circulation and reducing muscle damage. Cold water constricts blood vessels, which reduces the flow of inflammatory substances to the muscles. This, in turn, may help decrease muscle damage and promote faster muscle repair and recovery. It reduces recovery time as it causes vasoconstriction which is the tightening of blood vessels. This body function helps to push out lactic acid.

This acid is produced when your body exerts itself at a high level. It is commonly associated with the sore feeling that you have in your muscles the next day after an intense workout.

Cold can also be a great equalizer and you will be subjected to this hardship to see who really wants to be a Frogman.

SEALgrinderPT workouts

Any top athlete can run for miles and do pushups. Put them in cold water and then see who really wants to work hard and not quit.

Cold water exposure, such as cold showers or cold-water immersion before or during exercise, may enhance performance and help manage fatigue. Cold water can act as a natural stimulant, increasing alertness and reducing perceived exertion, allowing athletes to push harder and potentially prolong their exercise duration.

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QUESTION: Coach Brad; I am looking to build lean muscle with my workouts at the gym. Do you have a green nutritional supplement that you recommend?

ANSWER: I personally use Organifi Greens after hard workouts at the gym.

I mix up a scoop with milk and some ice cubes and just shake it up.

I often bring it to the gym with me so I can drink it right after the workout and get the most benefit.

I trust it so much that my wife and daughter are both using it also.

QUESTION: Coach, I need to work on building my core up. What do you recommend?

ANSWER: My favorite are hanging leg raises or toes to bar. This will really work your abs and hip flexors. Also plank holds, hollow rocks and flutter kicks are great ways to get your core built up fast.

Also do mountain climbers– they help with flexibility and get your heart rate going on top of really working your upper body.

QUESTION: Coach Brad, I want to build up my garage gym, do you have any recommendations for gear and how to lay it all out??

ANSWER: Check out this article on our Top 10 CrossFit Equipment for a Garage Gym. All are great for really working you hard to break through a training plateau.

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