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Got a question about rucking during winter. Wanted to give you guys some tips.


First, you will sweat! Make sure you layer up with proper winter gear. Moisture wicking is a must so when you stop, the wet clothes don’t drop your body temps. Or just keep moving. Even at 15 degrees or more you will feel warm with minimal gear. Layering allows you to easily take off gear if you get too hot or put it on if you get cold. Your outer layer should be a Gore-Tex water proof shell, then a fleece followed by performance long underwear like Hot Chilly’s.”


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Most of the heat in your body escapes through your head, so picking a good hat is key. Ears will freeze first so keep them covered. Really cold days, cover your face so you don’t get frostbite on your cheeks or nose. Note that windchill is the biggest factor of this so check the windchill temps as well as the regular temps before you venture out.

Gore-Tex boots are best, you don’t need really tall boots, get gators to cover your boots, this will keep snow from getting into them. They are a must.



If you are in a really icy area, get some crampons, not ice climbing style but regular hiking style. Like these.

Lastly, if you are in an area with deep snow, grab some running snowshoes or better yet, get some backcountry tele or cross country skis and really get after it!

No matter what, there is no excuse to not get out this winter and hit the trails. Unless it’s below 0. Then just stay inside and dry fire or do something warm. HA!


U.S. Navy Photo by Visual Information Specialist Chris Desmond


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