Navy SEAL Workout at the Beach

Team SGPT:

Down at the beach all week for July Fourth weekend.

I tried to hit a workout at a CrossFit gym – $20 drop in rate too expensive for my blood.

Plus too far to drive.

We don’t need a gym anyways as were gonna hit some cool workouts on the beach ev-e-r-y day.

Check out how a Navy SEAL turns the tables and gets a killer workout with no gear – just the sand and water beneath my feet.

Navy SEAL Workout at the Beach #1
warmup: mobility workout

Wod: 5k beach run with 50 pull ups at the dock

Finisher: for time – 5 rounds of 10 toe to bar + burpees

Navy SEAL Workout at the Beach #2

5k fast beach walk with hand weights (rocks, water bottles filled with sand and water) – every quarter mile do 20 burpees / 20 jumping jacks / 20 walking lunges (each leg)

Navy SEAL Workout at the Beach #3
5k run on beach with no shoes. Strengthen your feet. Be careful as not for beginners. If you try this and your a beginner then go slow and only a half mile.
finisher – 100 four count flutter kicks on beach

Navy SEAL Workout at the Beach #4
Bodyweight “JT”
21-15-9 for time
handstand pushups
dips (no rings so just do dips or bench dips)
pushups (wide)
then 5k run on beach.

…next workout #5 to be continued tomorrow

Where can I find out more info on the S.E.A.Ls? Check out the website here:

Question: What is a good pair of running shoes that I can use down at the beach?

We like the Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes for running on the beach or asphalt. You can pick a pair up for about $100 and they will last a good long time.

Navy SEAL workout
Special Forces Workout

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