A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Training For BUD/S First Phase

Got this question: Coach, I’m training to be a SEAL, should I do a Hell Week style selection event?

Answer: Here’s the deal with this. The guys who are going to make it through BUD/s First Phase are going to make it… Period. What those events can do for you are: 1. Find your weaknesses 2. Find out if you actually want to go through with the process.

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The ideal way to train for BUD/S is: 1. Make sure you are cleared to actually get into the Navy. This is huge. Don’t waste your time chasing an impossible dream.


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  1. After you get cleared focus on getting an optimum PST score. This means 100 Push Ups, 100 Sit Ups, 20 Pull Ups, Run 1.5 Miles and 500 Yard Swim in low 9 min mark or in the 8 minute range.

  2. Make sure you really want to be a Navy SEAL. If you have doubts maybe one of those programs are a good option. Here’s a tip, if you find it’s easy to hit the gym and actually train, you really want it. If you skip days, don’t workout and think you will magically make it through First Phase… You wont.

What can help you train: finding a Navy SEAL mentor. Attending a prep camp like SOF Prep Academy that trains you on proper prep.

Maybe do a GORUCK.

The biggest issue with completing a simulation event is injury. Same reason most QB’s don’t play in preseason. They make take a few snaps but they are saving it for when it counts. Candidates should do the same.

For training programs and PST Prep, nutrition and mental training. (yes making your bed in the morning is crucial, don’t believe us, just wait until you fail a room inspection)

Check out our 180 Day Program for our best BUD/S onramp training.

You need to have some skin in the game. Spending some money is a good way to commit to a goal, but you shouldn’t break your bank for this. It’s functional movement. Hard labor will do the trick just as well as gym time.

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