Number 1 Reason Athletes Fail at BUD/S and Life

buds log holdWanna know the Number 1 reason why recruits fail in BUD/S (Navy SEAL training)?

It’s not running. It ain’t pull ups.

Pool comp? Nope. Surf torture? Nada.

Get this – they flat out quit because they can’t handle the Mental Game!?!

Video 80 percent mental 20 percent physical

Find out what Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods practice daily to make them Champions

Ask any Navy SEAL. Call up a SEAL recruiter. Call up Stew Smith.

Go to SEALFIT training and listen to Coach Mark Divine.

Listen to Marcus Luttrell speak. Ask any Navy SEAL in the local bar or at a gym pounding weights.

What is the hardest part of BUD/S — is it mental or physical?

Hands down – every single time — all SEALs will tell you BUD/S is 80% mental and 20% physical.


Guess what — life is like that too.

You can have all the cards stacked in your favor. You can be good looking and dress perfect and say all the right things out in the real world.

But guess what — it doesn’t matter.

When the $#%& the fan and you get beat in the head with a 2×4 (or lose your job, divorce, a loved one passes away, you lose your house or all your money)

All that matters is what you do next.

Will you slowly stagger up to your knees and then stumble to your feet battered and bruised?

Or will you lie down like a dying animal in the fetal position – afraid to make a move?

What will you do?

Ever been in that spot? The lowest of the low? Hitting absolute rock bottom?

Old cliche statement but True as Hell…. is this….

“Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win”.

One of the many times I found myself at rock bottom (or near it) – I lay on the BUD/S grinder.

Face down in the grit of the asphalt. Drool coming out of my mouth. Doubt washing over me.

I was crushed in 20 different ways. Total beat down. @#$4&% ed

Video – Find Your Inner Motivation

The Inside Scoop on what you need to get through BUD/S

An Instructor barked over my head. “If you Quit now – You will Quit the rest of your Life”.

That is motivation my friend. That is motivation from so deep down in your belly that you just want to stagger up and brush off your pitiful self and grit your teeth and look out at the world and draw your shoulders back.

and that is what I did. A @#$%ing nobody – from Tallahassee, Florida stood up on that day.

What will you do today to not Quit? What will you do today to make this day a Great One?

Email me and tell me (I answer each and every email).

Serious – Email me and tell me what you will do today to not Quit and move your life forward.

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