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airex balance pad performbetter.comAirex Balance Pads
$50.95 to $127.45 Save 15%

Your own body weight will allow you to sink in this mat that is soft like a marshmallow.

It creates an unstable surface which causes you to try and correct your balance.

It is non-slip and a great way for beginners to increase their balance.

Speed + Agility Ladders – ABC Agility Ladder
$46.71 to $67.95 Save 15%

Superbands – Resistance Bands
$8.95 to $54.95
Save up to 20%

perform indian clubsCheck out all R.O.M. & Rehab Equipment Here for Indian clubs and shoulder ladders.

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Mini Exercise Bands (Mini-Bands)
$2.00 to $20.00
Save up to 38%

Economy Tubing With Handles
$6.95 to $10.95
Save up to 22%

All-Purpose Exercise Bands

Vinyl Covered Dumbbells
$3.40 to $34.50
Save up to 20%

Neoprene Dumbbells
$3.40 to $34.50
Save up to 20%

Stretch Out Strap
$14.41 to $16.11 Save 15%

PB Disc Pillow

First Place Kettlebells
$22.46 to $164.95
Save up to 25%

Gray Cook Band

First Place Elite Medicine Balls
$19.95 to $95.95 Save 20%


PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers


First Place Safety Toners
$9.56 to $15.16 Save 20%

Ultimate Sandbag
$63.95 to $143.95 Save 15%

First Place Ankle Cuffs

Gymboss Interval Timer

The Grid Foam Roller

PB Extreme Jam-Balls
$25.45 to $174.00 Save 15%

$8.45 to $80.95 Save 15%

Battling Ropes
$116.21 to $374.96 Save 25%

We get questions all the time from athletes looking to start out at home with workouts. Here is a good way to load up your home garage gym with CrossFit style equipment to build up your body.

A lot of this gear has been discounted 20% with deals and coupons so you know that your going to save right off the bat. We bought a set of wood gym rings and several mats for our gym recently. My friend down the street also bought a barbell and put it in our gym.

Question: What is the #1 piece of gear that I should have to start off? I would start off with a basic mat so that you can do sit-ups and stretching. From there I would probably add a jump rope and a pull up bar. If you have a garage — you can put the gear there and do 200 and 400 meter runs out of your garage.

Question: What size ceilings do i need in my garage? If you have 8 ft ceilings you are good to go. Start adding gear.

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