Phony Navy SEAL Arthur Dickens

Check out this Class A scumbag imposter who is posing as a Navy SEAL to bilk investors out of money.

Also known as “AJ Dickens” he claimed he was a SEAL combat veteran with tours in Grenada, Desert Storm.

He claimed he was the most decorated Navy SEAL in history and had fake papers to prove it.

If you watch the video he can’t even hold his weapon right.

The 20/20 Big Lie Investigative with ABC News and Navy SEAL Don Shipley sniffed out this rat and started an investigation on him.

Turns out he was milking investors for money to fund his wild hair brain schemes and was about to get cold busted.

Unfortunately these duped investors gave him $850,000 to fund his phony deal.

What do you think about this rat?

Post up in comments and let us know.

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