Don Shipley Takes on Phony Navy SEAL and Sex Offender

Check out Don Shipley as he takes on another cast of crazies with the latest phony fake @ss Navy SEAL wanna bee’s.

I mean; how pathetic can you get to go and flat out pose as a military veteran.

There is really something wrong with that – they ought to make a law to stop it; I tell you.


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Question: Coach Brad; how do we know that you are not a fake @ss frogman? What BUDS Class did you graduate from?

Answer: I graduated from Class 132 in May of 1985. We had 16 hard rock studs in that winter class.

Question: Coach Brad; what is a good book that I can read to inspire me but have some military history?

I want to learn more about the Navy SEALs as I am thinking about doing that or Green Beret.

Let me know a good book to read-thanks. Eric.

Answer: Check out the book Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10.

This will give you a good dose of info about the men on that mission and the lone survivor.

I have read the book twice and given a copy to my son for him to read and learn.

Question: How do I find a SEAL motivator/recruiter in my area?

Answer: Check out this article as it will help you locate one.

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