Push Past the Quit

brad ice hooyaJust got back from Canada and training with our northern brothers.

These guys blew me away with their “Can Do” attitude and “Lets Go Boys” way of getting it done.

No matter that it snowed every day and we had ice on the ground. They were ready to PT and push the limits daily.

Check out these tips below on what we learned and reinforced with our week of training in Canada with SEALFIT.

Tip #1
Stay tight.
No matter how much chaos is going on around you – stay together as a team. You are way stronger as a solid group than you will ever be as an individual.

Tip #2
Have a saying – or mantra – when the going gets tough. In Canada they rallied with “Lets go Boys”. Simple but to the point. When ever they had to dig in and push you always heard those words – said with conviction.

Tip #3
Don’t look down.
A warrior always looks at the horizon and keeps his chin up. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves and look at the ground. A warrior keeps his shoulders up and breathes deep and in control. The soldiers from Canada had this down pat and were always in control of their bodies and minds. This means they were ready for the task at hand and moving forward to crush it.

Tip #4
Put good things in your mind like a positive mental edge audio.

This is building your mind and helping it to flex like a muscle.

When you are in stressful moments you will be able to use those same mental muscles to push your forward towards your goal.

You want to be strong, right? You don’t want to be weak so take the first step.

SGPT Homework:
Write down 3 things that are happening to you when you fail to achieve an objective. Find out what went wrong and write it down. Did you have negative mental chatter? Did you lose your calm head? Write it down. Send it to me here: brad@sealgrinderpt.com

Question: Where can i find out about this type of event?

Check out the SEALFIT Training Camps HEREs.

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