Question of the Week: How do you stay tough in the fight?

sgpt-motivation-true-strengthHey Brad, Austin here.

I’ve emailed you several times over the course of the last couple of years and I thought this was an interesting topic.

My fear is this; let me put it into perspective.. When you sit down to watch tv for example, and you’re nice and comfortable, not tired, not cold, and wet or sandy.

When you think about your goals such as for me, to be a SEAL one day, every thought and feeling you have is stronger, you’re like oh hell yeah I’m going to make it, oh hell yeah I’m not going to quit, but when push comes to shove and you’ve been beat all day, obviously your body and mind are gonna react in a different way.

Like the motivation isn’t flowing through you as much considering you’ve done a billion calisthenics and have ran 10 miles.

So in the situation where I’d be like oh shit, I don’t think I can do that or oh shit, this is probably going to get me dropped, I fear that when shit hits the fan like that in training that my motivation won’t be there as much given how tired and stressed I’ll be. Do you get what I’m saying? –Alex–

You have to train your mind and body to be ready for the stress that you will encounter in BUDS or GORUCK Selection or a Spartan Race.

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