Question of the Week: I am covered up with life stuff – How do I tap into my inner warrior?

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Hey Coach Brad,
Thanks for all your posts, very inspiring reading. I’m a Canadian father of 3 approaching 40. No military background (had always considered, the Reserves maybe in my future) but I work in forensics and am working towards joining a volunteer GSAR unit sometime next year, maybe a few disaster relief deployments with Team Rubicon Canada if I’m lucky. I workout with HIIT, Plyometrics and distance running; I used to practice martial arts 4 days/week but a lot less since the kids. I get some good livin’ with GORUCK whenever they are in country, but they are few and far between.

I’ve always been on the smaller side of things, fine by me really as I manage to get into and do things the bigger guys couldn’t. But at 5’6” and a buck fifty, I’m the biggest and fittest I’ve ever been. However, I feel like I have more in me but with the resources I have, mainly no gym and little extra money for equipment, my lunch hour or night workouts after the kids are in bed, I feel stuck. Been stuck for a while. Without a realistic goal such as CANSOFCOM or something as worthy, and in the absence of events like Kokoro, SealFit and GORUCK it’s hard to find enough out there to motivate and kill it. Stuck in a routine.

It’s not the exercises themselves; I can knock out 20 strict pull-ups and 70 strict pushups in 2min on a normal day, I’ve got a 6 minute mile; But that’s not what being strong or fast is really about is it? It’s the fear that you were stronger yesterday than you are today and the refusal to let that fear become a fact. I’m not ready for that day and I don’t want to wake up and find out it’s already happened. I want to be stronger, faster and more durable but most importantly I need to be there for my kids for as long as possible. They think I will live forever and I don’t want to let them down. Maybe if we had more voices like yours when we were growing up, more lives would have wound up different; At least now I’m trying to do that for my own kids.

Take care of yourself Brad.


i have been in that same spot several times in life

i was on the ship with no extra money, no gym, negative people and working 80 hours week.

But I had a dream to go back to BUDS – so I found a way to win.

I willed my self to push forward 1% daily and each day got closer to my goal.

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