Rocky S2V Boot Reviews

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Rocky boot S2V review
The boots are really comfortable even after a 8 mile ruck hike in the hills of Arkansas on a gravel road. The S2v’s run a 1/2 size small though, so I suggest buying at least 1 size up if you like insoles in your boots! I highly recommend them especially for the price as it will not kill your wallet.

One of my good friends is an active duty U.S. Army service member. We were talking about his favorite boots and the S2V came up.  He loves this boots as has has used numerous types of boots from the ever popular Danners, to the less commonly seen Nikes.

Having a good set of boots is a top priority for all service members. The Rocky 8 Inch S2v Boot are definitely a good set of boots. Being able to ruck march for long periods of time with large amounts of weight is an essential ability in my line of work.

Rocky S2v 8 inch boot review by Patriot

Rocky S2V boot review
I got these boots after a few weeks at Infantry Officer Basic Course. The Rocky 8 Inch S2v Boot were like walking on air for months and got me through some of the toughest ruck marches of my life…. Unfortunately, my feet got used to them. As soon as I switched back to my old style of boots, I started getting blisters, which I never used to get before Rocky.

Now, I can’t ruck without them, without getting hot spots, when I used to be able to do 12-15 miles with a 70 lbs ruck without any blisters or hot spots. I did use two pairs of socks (one thick and one thin liner sock) and some body-glide goo on my feet to help. But these boots are really comfortable and did really good on that long hike.

Question: Do any US military use the Rocky boots? Yes; check out the review above.

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