Rocky S2V Boot Review

Check out the review and comparisons for the Rocky S2V boots and you decide if this boot is right for your foot.

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The Rocky S2V Work Boot represents the pinnacle of performance and durability, delivering exceptional comfort and protection for demanding work environments. Designed with superior craftsmanship, these boots feature a blend of advanced technologies and rugged materials. Constructed with a durable leather and Cordura combination, these boots offer abrasion resistance and ensure longevity in harsh conditions.

Additionally, the S2V boots boast a proprietary S2V Sieve technology that promotes ventilation and drainage, allowing moisture and water to escape while maintaining breathability, which is essential for extended wear in various environments.

Engineered to provide maximum support and comfort during prolonged use, these work boots feature a padded collar and tongue for added cushioning around the ankle. The cushioned footbed with a perforated air flow design enhances breathability and shock absorption, reducing fatigue even during extended work hours. With their superior construction and innovative technologies, the Rocky S2V Work Boots offer durability, breathability, and comfort, making them a reliable choice for those requiring high-performance footwear for demanding work conditions.

Rocky S2V Boot Review

The S2V boots proved incredibly comfortable during an 8-mile ruck hike across the rooty trails of North Georgia’s hills. However, they tend to run a half size small, so I’d recommend purchasing at least one size up if you prefer using insoles. Despite this, I highly recommend these boots, particularly considering their affordability and value for the quality they offer.

A close friend of mine, an active-duty U.S. Army service member, swears by the S2V boots. He’s experienced various boot brands, from the popular Danners to the less common Nikes, but finds the S2V to be exceptional. For military personnel, having reliable and comfortable boots is paramount, especially for enduring long, weight-bearing ruck marches—an essential demand in our line of work.

Following Infantry Officer Basic Course, my buddy invested in the Rocky 8 Inch S2V Boots, finding them exceptionally comfortable, like walking on air for months. They carried him through some of the most challenging ruck marches he’s ever encountered. However, upon switching back to his old-style boots, blisters emerged—a new occurrence due to the comfort his feet grew accustomed to with the S2V. Consequently, he now relies on these boots for rucking to avoid hot spots, a problem he never faced before Rocky. Despite using two pairs of socks and body-glide goo for prevention, the comfort and performance of the S2V boots on long hikes remain unparalleled.

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