Grinder Speed Jump Rope

Straight from the bowels of the SGPT secret underground laboratory gym comes the all new “Grinder” speed jump rope. 100% all parts made and built in the U.S.

This rope is designed and built by a former Navy SEAL — and the rope is guaranteed – period. No wimpy 30 day guarantees and other non-sense.

This will be the last jump rope you need to buy. If it breaks – send it back – but tell me how you broke it. Does not include wearing out the rope from doing a million double unders. But I will send you a SGPT T-shirt if you wear out the rope. You cant lose.

This rope is burly strong made with all American products and no cheap Chinese plastic crap that will break while your out jumping on the grinder – causing you to fall and bust out your two front teeth — Grinder Rats will immediately haul off your broken choppers and gnaw on them. The Ballistic Rope is Military grade hardware.

This rope was designed and built for CrossFit and military athletes who will push their bodies and the equipment to the outer edge.  I compete in the CrossFit comps and know what it takes to train hard and depend on solid gear to get the job done.

All jump ropes are hand-made, personally inspected and tested. 100% American made jump ropes. No mass produced crap from an assembly line is Nicaraugua. This jump rope is quality craftsmanship made by a military veteran.

Check out this article and video on how to size a jump rope

When you purchase the jump rope – email me your height and size of rope. I custom cut each and every rope to your height.  Other custom cut ropes can cost almost 4 times as much.

thin cord (3/32 inch) or slightly larger (1/8 inch) wire rope.

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