SEAL grinder PT – Grinder Kord Review

A killer new piece of equipment designed in the SGPT secret underground lab.  Deep in our basement we devised to build a stronger, better, more mobile suspension workout trainer.  We also wanted 100% American made – cost less  and be beefier than the competitors.  We think we succeeded in all accounts.


The Kord has gone through massive testing with pullups, ring pushups, ring rows and knee to chest core exercises.  The Kord will shred your weaknesses and beat you down and mold you back into your new – stronger self.

Designed, tested and built by a former Navy SEAL and certified CrossFit trainer.

Made with all climbing gear with stout webbing, aluminum descender ring and a real carabiner – no skimpy “S” hooks.  Beefy bar tack sewing.  Mid point is actual climbing descender ring (rated at 3742 lbs). You could hang off a 90 ft tall cliff with the Kord.  Do not attempt that with TRX or Rip60.  You will probably die and your skull will be crushed. Cliff rats will gnaw on your bones as you decompose.

Adjustable length with buckle on the upper connection.  Light weight.

Pack it up and take it on the go with you.

100% USA made. Hand crafted, hand inspected. Not some mass produced junk from a far away land.  No Chinese crap and cheap components that can break and wear out.

The Kord is military grade equipment.  This is the same gear that I used to rappel out of helicopters during my days on the SEAL Teams.  The Kord is guaranteed for life on any breakage.

Comes with link to YouTube video links to show you how to set up and do workout – Plus – one month of SEALgrinderPT coaching ($50 value) for only $77.99 (cheaper than a TRX)
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