SEAL Grinder PT’s No Nonsense Guide to the CrossFit Open

SEAL Grinder PT’s No Nonsense Guide to the CrossFit Open



It’s that time of the year! If you are into CrossFit you are most likely participating in the Open. The CrossFit Open is a fun way to measure your results and compete against friends or your gym nemesis.

Here’s our 10 Point Guide to doing your best.

  1. Watch the announcement and understand the movements. Practice them with light weight and make sure your form is dialed. And make sure you understand the workout so you don’t do it the wrong way.

  2. Scale! Scale your weight and movements. Seriously. Don’t get hurt. You are going to be pushing yourself. Don’t let your ego get the best of you.

  3. Do each workout 2 times MAX! It’s all about recovery. You aren’t training right now you are competing. Get full rest days in, use active recovery drills and mobility drills.

  4. Get motivated! Everyone finds motivation in different ways. Use what works.

  5. BREATHE! When we get excited we forget to breathe, this will kill your performance. Have your coach remind you to breathe.

  6. Focus on form, it may feel slower… but efficiency of movement will make you faster. Slow is smooth, smooth is FAST!

  7. Eat clean, but also don’t under fuel. Make sure your body has energy for the whole Open. Don’t get depleted. (lay off the booze…)

  8. Don’t be the bitter angry open participant who gets a reality check when they get a bad score… Everyone has a strength and a weakness. Some days you will shine others you will suffer. It’s how it’s designed. Leave that bad performance behind you. Focus on the goal!

  9. Learn to pace yourself. Don’t blow out in the first 2 min of a 20 min AMRAP.

  10. DON’T CHEAT! You will only be cheating yourself.

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