SEALgrinderPT reviews Intensity Nutrition – Hydrate

When I was out in Encinitas, California this past summer for SEALFIT Kokoro camp I was introduced to Intensity Nutrition’s product – Hydrate (electrolyte replacement drink). It was pretty darn warm and dry. Before the Kokoro camps I like to workout like mad and go for a long run on the beach. The SEALFIT workout was killer tough and put me on the ground within the hour. I was not as hydrated as I should have been and ended up getting cramps in my legs throughout the run.

After the run someone tossed me a container of Intensity Nutrition Hydrate and told me to drink up. I mixed up a load of it in a water bottle and sipped on it the rest of the Kokoro event (over 50 hours). We went non-stop all weekend with beach runs, numerous workouts, a long all night hike up the mountain and more workouts. No cramping the rest of the weekend despite high temperatures and windy dry conditions. I was sold. Whenever I am out at Kokoro – Intensity Nutrition Hydrate never leaves my water bottle.

A few notes about Intensity Nutrition’s Hydrate. It is an electrolyte replacement drink that will

  • Minimize muscle cramping, dehydration, and loss of energy and performance.

  • Low glycemic carbohydrates for sustained energy.

  • No high-fructose corn syrup

Another athlete that has seen considerable results —

“Being able to have my body at optimum health is my goal and Intensity Nutrition Hydrate delivers. I have been very impressed with using Hydrate with my intense practices. Hydrate’s essential ratios of key electrolytes without the high fructose corn syrup and insulin-spiking carbs is exactly what every elite athlete should be looking for. To have optimum performance, the body needs the essential building blocks to work off of and Hydrate helps you to keep training hard! – Anna Cummins, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Women’s Rowing W8+

You can buy Intensity Nutrition Hydrate here online:

Check out these statistics at how Intensity Nutrition’s Hydrate stacks up against the other brands:

About Intensity Nutrition products: Founded by a former Navy SEAL and a group of hardcore functional fitness enthusiasts, Intensity Nutrition develops nutritional products for athletes who train and operate at the highest thresholds of athletic performance.  Special operators and those who train at ultra-high intensity require unique nutritional support – and SEALs are famous for the intensity of their workouts. As one of our teammates put it: “If you’re not an eyes-watering, snot-running, drooling mess at the end of a workout, you didn’t do it right.” To “do it right” often includes augmenting a sound nutritional program with supplements. Maintaining a perfect diet (which IS important) isn’t always achievable for an athlete with operational constraints or an accelerated training regimen.


div>Functional and tactical athletes need lean muscle mass, explosive strength, and power for sudden, high-stress, high-performance situations.  We are proud to deliver the highest quality supplements on the market.

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