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Check out yesterdays SGPT February Facebook Question and Answer Session. thanks to all athletes that joined in.

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Michael Buscemi: Hello, I have a question about training for BUDs. I understand that my focus should be on a lot of running, swimming, and bodyweight PT. My question is if Crossfit has a place in preparing for BUDs? Would doing crossfit 4-5 days a week (along with running and swimming) be a good use of time or would it be better to use that time to focus even more on running, swimming and BW PT?
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SEAL grinder PT: CrossFit is a great method to train for Special Forces. If it were me training today I would add an endurance element before and after #CrossFit and make sure to foam roll and have a good cool down. You can do CrossFit style swimming workouts, running, bodyweight. All good. I have written an article on that I will post. Hope that helps answer your question.
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Michael Buscemi Yes it does….One more thing if you don’t mind…..People always talk about how you lose a lot of strength and fitness in general during bootcamp before BUDs. Would I lose most of my conditioning and strength from crossfit before i even get to BUDs?
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SEAL grinder PT: The new bootcamp for the guys going to BUDS is geared towards BUDS. Not like when I went through and you did not do as much PT. Don’t worry about losing anything as from what I have heard they will take care of you and work to get you ready for BUDS.

Ben McNally: Is it true that ugly guys never make it through BUD/S?

Brandon Richey: Have you seen a shift in military/tactical strength and conditioning preparation since you have served? I know the tactical “strength and conditioning” programs have popped up here and there, but was wondering if you have noticed a growth in this particularly related to special forces physical preparation?

Tyler Novak: Amidst the times you doubted yourself the most in BUDS and SQT, what were your motivations in those moments?

SEAL grinder PT: good question Tyler Novak. My family was always number 1 in my thoughts. I did not want to disgrace them. I failed out the first time in BUDS.. so the “doubt monster” was sitting on my shoulder the second time through.. it took a lot to wrestle that beast to the ground and win.

SEAL grinder PT: Brandon Richey that is a good question. I know that there are more options available to Special Forces athletes now. At the SEAL Teams you see a whole area for lifting, CrossFit, BJJ and they have a Coach hired to overseas physical training. I know that one of the Teams deployed to Iraq loaded up kettle bells to help keep their guys in top shape.

Brandon Richey: Awesome! I know it’s a growing need and interest for tactical athletes now more than ever. I just wanted to hear it from a pro! Thanks again for the response!

Brandon Richey: I can imagine that BUD’s is just a tremendously difficult challenge all the way through, but was there one drill/exercise for you in BUDs that was just something you hated more than anything else? Swimming, PT, etc?

Lauri Lovvorn: What’s your favorite workout and mantra?

Matt Dowd: What were your PST scores before making it BUD/S and after?

SEAL grinder PT: @Matt Dowd “What were your PST scores before making it BUD/S and after?” My PST scores were the bare minimum. We took the PST in regular Navy bootcamp not before. Example…For pull ups.. the instructor asked you to approach the bar, mount the bar.. up (pause).. down (pause).. you did 8 pull ups and then he said “dismount”. Still only 2 guys made it during the testing session. It was all or nothing. If I missed.. probably not have another chance for quite a while.

Joe Gunter Ever use dumbbells instead of barbells? See any advantage?

SEAL grinder PT: @Joe Gunter – yes; the dumbbells are very good for farmers walk and “man makers”. Dumbells good in that you don’t need a spotter when your all oiled up on the bench press – you can just drop em and strut away like Rick Flair.

SEAL grinder PT: from Ben McNally ” Is it true that ugly guys never make it through BUD/S?” Yes; you are screened the first week of BUDS.. not sure how i made it.. wait… maybe that why I got dropped in second phase?

SEAL grinder PT: @Lauri Lovvorn “What’s your favorite workout and mantra?” JT is my favorite workout… do it anywhere. Then of course Murph. I also like to run on the beach . Mantra.. i talk to myself a lot internally… Imagine in a southern drawl… “Im an overcomer..Im an achiever.. I cando this.. yes; i can”. Ha:)

SEAL grinder PT: @Brandon Richey “I can imagine that BUD’s is just a tremendously difficult challenge all the way through, but was there one drill/exercise for you in BUDs that was just something you hated more than anything else? Swimming, PT, etc?”. I did not like really cold water. The second time I went through BUDS was winter class and I used to dread getting in the water. Lots of internal talking / babbling to myself on that one. Luckily I had a kick ass swim partner.. a total rock of a guy to lean on.
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Brandon Richey Thank God! That’s awesome!

SEAL grinder PT @ Brandon Richey — yes; looking back on it… I know I had a higher power guiding my way.. if you look at it all.. there was no way I could have made it through twice without someone or something looking over my shoulder and pushing me to the right spot.

SEAL grinder PT winding down now end of the hour now.. let me know any more questions. If you post up questions after 1 PM EST – I will answer them all this afternoon. Thanks to all who participated.. I am very grateful.

Zak Singh “Coach, in the time between leaving the navy and getting into the fitness industry professionally, how did you train?
Specifically when you were going to college, raising a family and working full time, how did you stay fit? Any tips for people who do not have access to large uninterrupted blocks of time and equipment.”

SEAL grinder PT @Zak Singh — I mostly trained in running, garage gym workouts and rock climbing. I would train a few days at the gym and then climb on on the weekend.

Lauri Lovvorn What’s your favorite thing about coaching Kokoro?

SEALgrinderPT: @Lauri – seeing athletes make a breakthrough at Kokoro is the best part. They see and believe that they can now do it and go on to succeed. I also like hanging out with the Team guys and staff…having fun.

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