Should you go back to your gym post Covid Peak? A Navy SEAL Answers

Should you go back to your gym post Covid Peak? A Navy SEAL Answers



Got a great question from an athlete the other day about returning to their gym now that states are starting to open up businesses.


Here’s my opinion on this as a former gym owner and now someone who completes their workouts at home. The short answer is probably not. We weren’t fans of globo gyms before and now, it’s really not a good idea. Are there exceptions? Possibly but it’s a case by case basis, based on your own situation. Boutique style gyms may provide solutions that are adequate, but they will come with a price…



Gyms have always been nasty germ factories, especially during cold and flu season. People not wiping down equipment, sweating out some sickness, coughing, breathing hard etc. If you really think about it, they are probably some of nastiest places to be. Now… add in a new virus that appears to be spread through asymptomatic carriers and thrive in urban areas. It’s just not worth the risk.


The concern really isn’t getting the virus myself, it’s more to do with who I could spread it to. My mother has had multiple heart issues in the past year, my daughter also has been in and out of hospitals for the past 3 years. Not everyone is in this situation, so maybe for your situation, it’s not a big deal. But the idea of being in infinite quarantine just to pay money to use beat up equipment in some germ factory just isn’t my thing.



Why I didn’t go to gyms before. Now it’s only fair that i explain why going to gyms wasn’t really my thing before this Covid pandemic. It’s really hard to get a good functional workout in at most gyms. Now since Crossfit brought HIIT to the mainstream, many of these gyms have adapted with more HIIT friendly equipment and places to train. Turf fields with barbells, sleds, ropes and sandbags. Still it’s just easier to train at home.


Last reason is, in a Navy SEALs mind, you should have your own equipment, stuff you take care of, and dial in for your needs. Just like a mechanic has a dialed in set of tools, you as an athlete should build your own custom workout station. Even if you are just starting out with a DIY Pull Up Bar and a Sandbag.



With some luck, there will be a vaccine for this new virus and things will return to normal, but in the short term, skip the gym. Get a training plan designed to be completed at home and GET TO WORK! No excuses!


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About the Author: Former Navy SEAL Brad Mcleod has owned SEAL Grinder PT a website dedicated to functional fitness and training since 2008. He was one of the early adopters and opened a Crossfit gym in 2007. He has since sold his gym to focus on his family, his website and riding endurance mountain bike races.

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