Still Standing

Just got back from a trip across the pond to Ireland.

Met a ton of great people and took part in some epic training at Mornington Beach.

The event was awesome as we did far more than the normal pushups and sit-up workouts.

The event centered around building teamwork in boat crews. We heard it said that day – there is no “I” in boat crew.

By working together the group can do far more than they could ever do as individuals. Strength comes in numbers that work together.

Check out the video below that shows the beach and training we did.

Video – Selection course at Mornington Beach

Find out what a Navy SEAL has to say about the Mental Edge in these audios

When things get tough – what will you do to make sure you are still standing?

Can you withstand the storm – or will you blow away with the shifting sands?

What you do in adversity will speak volumes as to how you will live the rest of your life under less stressful situations.

Dig down deep and tell yourself that you will remain “Still Standing”.

Find a way to win and emerge victorious on the other side.

About the Author:
bradBrad McLeod knows first hand about mental toughness after being kicked out of a top tier Spec Ops training unit. He failed out of BUD/S the first time after failing a math test (made it through Hell Week and Dive Pool Comp). He came back a year later and graduated and served as an operator on the Navy SEAL Teams.

Today he is one of the most sought after mental conditioning coaches in the world today having recently returned from Ireland, Southern California, Pennsylvania and parts unknown in north Florida. SEALgrinderPT audios and Ebooks have been downloaded in 20 different countries around the globe.

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