Thai Navy SEALs Work to Rescue Soccer Team Trapped in Cave

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, as youth soccer team toured a cave, monsoon rains caused it to flood without warning. While the boys were able to reach a patch of dry ground, their exit was now blocked.

Unable to call for help, it took the Thai SEALs and other search officials 9 days to locate the team.

Now the issue is the logistics of rescuing the soccer team.

Given the depth of the cave and the length of the cavern leading into it, as well as the age of the boys and inexperience, it’s too dangerous to have the boys swim (dive) out.

In a video released by the Thai Navy SEALs, the boys are wrapped in foil blankets for warmth. One youth said “thank you” to everyone who is waiting for their rescue.

Frustratingly, the boys are close enough to the surface where they can communicate with the rescue teams, and have reported they can hear dogs barking, a rooster crowing and children playing. The teams are now searching forĀ  a chimney or hole that will allow them to to reach the boys instead of trying to get the boys out through the water.

Digging down to the team has also been deemed unsafe, as it could cause the cave to collapse.

Despite their current situation, the boys are remaining in good spirits.


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