The US Marines Join Hurricane Harvey Rescue Efforts in Their Bada** Amphibious Assault Vehicles

The US military promised to send more aid to flood-devastated Harvey, Texas, and they delivered–in the form of the US Marines arriving in their AAVs.

These tough vehicles are able to operate on land and in water. Also called called “amtracs”, short for “amphibious tractor”, variants were were first used during the Korean, then, most notably in WWII–such as on D-Day and during the Pacific Theater to ferry troops from US Navy ships to shore.

Current versions, starting with the LVTP-7 (Landing Vehicle Tracked) were first introduced in 1972 and frequently used in Vietnam during the last three years of the war.

US Marine amtracs come ashore during the Iwo Jima battle (19 February – 26 March 1945).

The Marines arrived in Texas on September 1 with the AAVs. The vehicles are able to drive through fairly high water (as shown above in the first picture); if the water becomes too deep for the vehicle, the AAVs can float. With the aid of rear-mounted water jets, they can travel at a speed of up to 8 miles an hour.

56 Marines of Charlie Company, 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion (Galveston, TX) based out of Galveston, Texas are assisting in the relief effort. Their current mission is to aid with search and rescue, as the interior of an AAV can hold up to 21 people, as well as transporting and delivering supplies from Houston to flooded areas that are more difficult to reach.

Check out this awesome video of the Marines driving through Hurricane Harvey floodwater.




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