They Told Me I Could Not Make it through BUD/S

They told me I could not make it through BUDS.

You know what…. they were right.

I was not able to make it through the first time. I failed out.

You could have called me a failure and laughed at me. They did.

I can remember every single person to this day that scoffed at me. F#@ em.

But deep down I believed in myself more than anything else.

I knew that just because I failed something once did not define me as a person.

When you are at your lowest low and you crawl back up on your knees.

That is what defines you as a person.

No one gives a sh@t if your doing well when things are going great in you day to day life.

Yeah; sheep people may act like they care but really they are just moving their lips.

What really f#@king matters in life is who you are when you are laid out cold on the mat.

Your knocked out cold…. nothing but ashes piled up in a heap.

But just like the Phoenix you defy all odds and slowly claw your way back to your knees to go again.

Who you are in your lowest point will define you the rest of your life.

With hard work and persistence I was eventually able to achieve my goal of graduating BUDS.

Yeah; I was not honor man and was a middle of the pack performer.

But hear this….I did not listen to the haters and negatives crabs trying to bring me down.

I had to re-group and start again.  I had to ask myself what could I do to a better job of sharpening my sword to cut through the jungle to reach the mountain peak.

I lay it all out in our new SGPT audio – Sharpening the Sword.

Yesterday we had dozens of athletes download this 16 minute audio.

It is meant as a tool to put positive ideas in your head while your ruck hike and workout.

If you download it – hit me with an email and I will send you some SGPT stickers.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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