Tips to Build Lean Muscle

bodyweight bodybuilding brad mcleodAt the first of the year we get a lot of emails with athletes wanting to lose weight and build muscle.

Most all of them are looking to build lean muscle that is functional to be ready for anything at anytime.

The photo to the left is me at 49 years old — not 22 years old.

The first thing you need to do is get your diet right.

Junk food, pizza and ice cream are out.

Greens, lean meats and water are in.

Yeah; we could argue and debate about Paleo and Zone but in the end it is Pretty simple stuff.

Get rid of the dirty fuel and start using clean fuel.

Just like your car. You can’t run a Porsche race car on dirty cheap fuel.

I like to keep it simple and try to replace bad foods with good.

Instead of a soda – I will drink unsweetened tea with lemon — or just go for water.

Instead of a pizza I will go for a salad with lean chicken and lots of veggies.

Yes; I don’t eat perfect but I try to eat good most of the time (I have one cheat meal a week).

But if you are really trying to get lean and mean – you will have to bear down and have discipline.

Check out more on this article about how to get lean and build muscle HERE:

There is no substitute for good nutrition and the hard work that it takes.

I am not going to tell you there are secrets or short cuts as there really are not.

You can eat clean fuel and workout hard.

bowl of saladOne of my go to ways to get clean fuel in my body is with a green supplement.

I just use a scoop a day to help me get the extra greens and nutrients I need.

You have nothing to lose as adding more greens to your diet will only help you. Try it out.

Also – tonite on SEALgrinderPT Facebook at 9:00 EST and 6:00 PST we will be having a Live question and answer.

Any questions you want on training (i don’t answer recruiting questions as that is not my job).

Question: Coach; do you have a way to figure out how much protein you need to intake daily? Like a protein calculator?

Answer: Yes; check out this protein calculator

How Can I Build Muscle Like a Navy SEAL?

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