Tips to Cure Elbow Tendonitis

Athletes who overuse the forearm can end up with tennis elbow (pain on inside of elbow) or golf elbow (pain on outside of elbow).

Climbers and weight lifters are often victims of this overuse.

Pull ups and weighted dips are exercises you want to be fully warmed up before performing – and not overdo it.

Check out these tips to help rehab your elbow and get back to the sports you love.

Tennis Elbow Exercise – Tyler Twist – Lateral Epicondylitis

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Use the stick to work the muscles and loosen them up.

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Eccentric Exercises for Tendonitis

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With a lightweight dumbbell in hand – slowly lower (long 5 second count) in an eccentric motion. Lift the dumbbell back up with the other hand and lower again. Do this exercise for 3 sets for 10 reps. Use a light weight and focus on going slow.

Kelly Starrett Uses Voodoo Floss on “Hot” Elbow

Check out the Floss Bands (Voodoo) for Compression Tack & Flossing

Tissue gets really junky from overuse. Wrap elbow with voodoo floss (or mobility bands) across joint and adding tension.
Turn palm down and bend elbow. Extend elbow. Release floss and restart blood flow.

Trigger Point Therapy for Elbow Tendonitis

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Direct massage can help blood flow to the area to increase healing.

QUESTION: Do you use Epsom salts to treat tennis elbow?

ANSWER: Yes; check out the information and videos above on how to alleviate pain and reduce swelling. Also heck out these tips from the USTA (United States Tennis Associatio) on this issue.

QUESTION: Coach, I joined a CrossFit gym and it’s kicking my a**. I love it, but I feel like I’m not recovering well. Got some tips?

ANSWER: Yes, check out this article: 7 Recovery Tips from Hard Workouts.



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