Top 10 Most Deadly Snipers of All Time

girl-most-deadly-sniper-all-timeCheck out this video with the most deadly snipers of all time.

Super long shots in epic combat zones.

Multiple kills and difficult shots to make.

You will be amazed at #4 (Lady Death) as she could take you out at a super long distance.

She could charm you with her smile and take you out without a thought.

You would be amazed at some of the rifles and sights these snipers are using.


This killing machine soldier reported had between 71 and 214 kills. This was done in a short 32 days during the Chinese vs United Nations Forces for a hill. Zhang was reported to be using only his rifles iron sights.

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Somali pirates vs American Contractors
Worlds Deadliest Sniper heads to Ukraine to fight Russian Invaders

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