Top 10 TRX training tips and workouts

Check out the top 10 TRX training tips and workouts to help you make gains as an athlete.


Good day Coach Brad.
First of all I really like all your post and tips you give on your website as well as on other pages. They are very useful. Especially since you know what it is all about. Recently, I am fighting with proper workout program. The downside is that I have around 40-45 min a day to work out after we put our baby girl to sleep. I managed to build pull-up rack in garage where I have TRX, gymnastic rings and bar to do pullups. Also, I have some kettlebells.

But with such a variety of exercises it is damn hard to make a proper workout. I made the one attached. It is combination of body weight with TRX. What do you think about that? I was trying to incorporate some pyramid that found on for chest workouts and pull-ups, some TRX abs workouts. My goal is to increase my overall performance and maybe one day during summer try to test myself with PT (but without swimming, as I don’t have to pool near my place).
Best regards
Greetings from Poland

Answer: Good question Bart. Check out the workouts and tips above.

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