Training the Right Way vs the Wrong Way for Navy SEAL Training

When I went to BUDS the first time I trained all the wrong ways.

It is a miracle I did not get kicked out in the first week I was there.

Back home before I went into the Navy I was eating all the wrong foods.

I lifted tons of weights in a bodybuilding gym doing preacher curls and Nautilus pec deck machines.

I did not have a coach or any form of accountability. No one to hold my feet to the fire.

I made it half way through BUDS before getting kicked out for a math test.

I told myself – there has to be a better way to train to get through to the finish the drill.

I changed all of my training and used no barbells or machines.

It was pretty much bodyweight only as that is all I had in ships gym were a few rusty dumbells.

Luckily on the ship there was as platoon of Navy SEALs.

One of the SEALs onboard took pity on me and gave me some coaching advice.

Lets just call him Mr X to protect his name as he went to be a part of an elite unit.

Mr. X would see me up at the chow hall every evening and of course I would sit next to him and ask him tons of questions.

He would look at my plate of food to make sure I was eating right (no white bread and no desserts).

He would then ask what workout I did that morning and I of course would have to tell him.

one of my go to workouts on the ship was…
50 walking lunges
40 pushups
30 four count flutter kicks
20 eight count bodybuilders
10 pullups
I would see how many rounds of that I could do until I got tired.

So Mr X would held my feet to the fire and there was no wiggle room.

In order to become great and make it through BUDS I had to do the work.

If I did not do the work then I of course would not reach my goal.

Not reaching my goal would be a massive failure and I will be damned if I will not finish the drill.

Mr X holding me accountable was one of the driving forces for getting me back to BUDS in better shape and able to graduate the next time around.

Read more about Mr X helping me get on track HERE:

Are you accountable to a coach or another athlete? Do you regularly check in with them.

Or do you just kind of grab a workout and sluff off when you are not feeling good?

How has that worked out for you? Are you still looking to reach your goals but cant quite get there?

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Gotta run… heading out to do a bodyweight workout in the driveway now.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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