Try This Workout: 100 Push-ups a Day

This is one of the simplest workouts that you can do with 100 pushups a day.

If you can’t do 100 then break it up with 10 each time.

It reminds me of my days in Navy SEAL BUD/S training where we did hundreds of pushups daily.

At the end of six months of training we could all do dozens of pushups slowly with perfect form with ease.

Even if you cant do 100 pushups in a day – you can try for 50. Break that up in to sets of 10.

Each time you pass the door to the bathroom knock out 10 pushups. If you go 3 times in a day then that is 30 pushups. Add another 10 before you eat dinner. Do the last 10 before you wash up and go to bed. See how easy that is.

The point is to build up to 100 pushups a day. If you get tired or need a break then you can rest for a day.

If you are an advanced athlete you can do the workout with a weight vest or add 20 lbs in your ruck sack (backpack).

For most athletes working your way up to 100 pushups a day is a good solid goal.


5 rounds
10 pushups
10 situps
run 100 meters
use good form on the pushups and situps. You can time yourself if you like but it is better to have good form.

QUESTION: Coach Brad; how can i train to get ready for BUDS and become a Navy SEAL?

ANSWER: Check out the Freak Frogman workout ebook that I wrote for my son a few years ago.

This will help you develop the physical and mental edge that you will need to excel.

BUDS is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical and most other training guides ignore this fact.

Question: “Coach Brad; I want to train and become a Navy SEAL. How can I find a SEAL motivator/recruiter?

Answer: Check out this article click here: with a list of SEAL motivator/recruiters. You can also check out the Navy website

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