US Navy SEAL David Goggins on How to Generate Success Every Day of Your Life

As we head into the most popular time of the year to reassess the past year’s goals and what next year’s will be.

Here are some awesome tips from David Goggins on how he makes new goals (resolutions) part of his daily life (not just something to think about once a year) and how he works towards them every single day.

How did you work towards your 2017 goals 1% every day?


What did you do each time you hit a snag so you could keep your momentum going?

What were your successes?

How could you turn your failures into something positive?

After you watch the video, let us know in the comments what you’re going to do for 2018, what tips you liked best and how you’ll aim to get a 1% progress every day of 2018—and we’ll send you FREE SGPT STICKERS!


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