US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell on Reaching Your Goals: “Nothing Should Stop You.”

“The one lesson I’ve learned and is predominant in the SEAL teams is our never quit attitude. It’s not that we’re better than everybody else–you have to basically kill us before we stop getting up and coming after you. Nothing should be able to stop you from doing anything.”

Like Marcus, I remember people telling me I’d never become a Navy SEAL. I was too much of a slacker. But I didn’t let other people’s negativity control me–and even though I failed out of BUD/S the first time and was devastated, I still didn’t let what other people thought of me get in the way.

I graduated from BUDS Class 132 on on May 3rd, 1985.

Remember that when people say, “You’ll never make it!” they’re actually saying they won’t. Never let someone else’s lack of confidence get in the way of your goals, big or small.

Is there a goal you have that nobody thinks you’ll reach?

How are you keeping their negativity at bay?

How are you choosing to never quit and stay committed to yourself?

How are you staying focused so you can always get back up and keep going after what you want?

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