Navy SEAL Jocko Willink on What Does Discipline Really Mean?

Check out this killer podcast as Navy SEAL Jocko Willink talks about discipline.

What does Discipline really mean?

#1. Discipline starts with waking up early.

#2. It is the root off all good qualities if applied properly daily to your workouts and life.

3. It is about working out everyday to make yourself stronger, faster and more flexible.

#4. It is about eating the right foods to fuel your system.

#5. You must discipline your emotions so that you can make good decisions.

#6. It is about controlling your ego so your ego doesn’t get out of hand and control you.

#7. It is about facing your fears and conquering them.

#8. It is about taking the hard road and the doing the right thing for yourself and others.

#9. It is about avoiding the easy path and using strength, fortitude and will to keep pushing forward.

If you were training for BUDS right now how would you do it?

Answer: I wrote the Freak Frogman Ebook for my son and I detailed exactly how I would train both the mental and physical to survive and thrive in BUDS.

I wrote this ebook for my son and would use the same methods if I were going to BUDS in 6 months.

We also have athletes that are using this same Ebook to build lean muscle and burn excess fat to live a healthier lifestyle.

We have several athletes that have used this Ebook to train for GORUCK events and Spartan Races.

I would recommend this to anyone training for Spec Ops or just looking to build their body to an elite level.

If I were going to BUDS next year this is exactly the ebook I would want to use to train with.

Question: I am working out hard at the gym with weights trying to gain some muscle (I am 150 lbs but gaining) and also running to get ready for BUDS. Do you recommend a protein powder that is good and clean?

Answer: Yes; I personally use Ascent Protein and have been using it for my gym workouts and also long distance off road bike rides.

It is easy to mix an goes down well and does not break the bank for how good a quality it is.

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