What is Holding You Back?

brad-mcleod-graduate-BUDSAsk yourself that question. Serious.  Say it out loud.

If you can answer that one question – your life will radically change over nite.

In all cases – it is not some outside force (work, family, health or whatever).

It is YOU – Holding back yourself.

History is full of athletes and business people who have overcome great disabilities and obstacles to rise up.

Are you afraid of possibly failing? And others laughing?

Great athletes and people fail their way forward.

They are also not worried about what others think of them.

The picture at the top of the page is one of me at Navy SEAL BUDS graduation.

I was an average teenager going nowhere quick. I had no chance at any success.  I was doomed to mediocrity. I life of sub par living.

I woke up one day and said “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!”  I know that there is more to life and that I can achieve more.

From that day forward my life completely changed.

Yes; there were challenges. Yes; there were obstacles.

I failed out of BUDS. But I came back with a vengeance as I did not give up.  I had to get out of my own way and believe in myself.

What is holding YOU back? Ask yourself that today.  Do not be afraid as you need to be the Captain of your own fate.

You can always improve yourself.  Once you take ownership of yourself you can work on the other factors (Health, Physical, Mental).

Is it your Health? Lets start today to improve that by drinking water and eating good clean fuel.

Is it your Body? Lets do the SGPT baseline workout and 30 day Challenge.

Post up in comments what is holding you back and look at today as the first new day of your life.

A new life that is limitless and one that you can do anything and achieve anything that you want – as long as you let go and not hold yourself back.

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