What is the Best Running Shoe for Navy SEAL Training?

what are best running shoes for navy seal trainingWe get this question once a month so we wanted to post up this article to help you in your decision.

The best answer is the running shoe that fits your foot well. You could pick out the most expensive shoes only to find that they run narrow and your feet are as wide as a water ski.

Watch the video below as a BUD/S Medical Physical Therapist explains proper running shoe selection, what to look for, and how to get fitted for new shoes. Improper fitting shoes could ruin your chances for success during BUD/S training. Never underestimate this often overlooked area of gear selection.

Go to a local running shoe and get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. It is important to get a shoe that will be comfortable and fit you well. You will be spending a lot of time in them.

Change shoes every 400 miles or 6 months. Dont run on worn out shoes as it can damage your feet. You want to make sure you get a new shoe before you start any long distance training. Don’t grab those old worn out Chuck Taylors out of the back of the closet and go run 10 miles – your feet and shins will stress out.

Do you have a good sock for endurance events that you can recommend?

Yes; I really like Darn Tough socks. I have two pairs that I rotate that they have yet to wear out.

Question: Should I run in boots for military training? According to the SEAL/SWCC website “Run training should be performed in appropriate running shoes, not boots.”  But they do suggest in the Youtube video to run occasionally in boots just not every day. You will be running in boots at BUDS not running shoes. Get familiar with running in boots.

We like to walk or do a quick 5 minute mobility warmup before a run. Don’t just break out into a full sprint or you will be paying for it later.

After a run let your body slowly cool down and do the same with another 5 minute mobility cool down.

Questions from our readers.

Question: Do you put any body glide on your feet to help reduce blisters?

Asnwer: Yes; we like Bodyglide to reduce friction on your skin. This stuff works great if your into keeping your feet in good shape on a hike or long endurance event.

You may also want to try out Trail Toes: Phenomenal Ultra-Extreme, Anti-Friction Foot and Body Cream.

We know of several athletes using Trail toes on long endurance events like GORUCK and are having no blisters at all.

We highly recommend it if you want to keep your feet in good shape.

Question: Coach, Do you have any advice on getting rid of shin splints? I am trying to deal with them without derailing my training. Currently stretching my calves a lot foamrolling, icing, and using a lacross ball on my feet but I can’t seem to get them to feel any better. Trevor

Answer: To help ease the pain from too much running, especially in the lower legs, it’s crucial to give those muscles some rest. Take a break from running or decrease the intensity for a while to let your legs recover. Wearing good shoes with proper support can also make a big difference. If the pain continues, consider doing other exercises that aren’t as hard on your legs, like swimming or biking. Stretching your calf muscles and icing your legs after workouts can also help. If the pain persists, it might be best to see a doctor or a physical therapist for advice on how to heal properly.

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