What is the Navy SEAL 40 Percent Rule?

Just got an email question from one of our SGPT athletes and he had a great question.

“Coach, what is┬áthe 40 percent rule that I hear Navy SEALs talk about?”.

david goggins 40 percent rule navy seal

And how can I use it to perform at a higher level?

That is from the legendary endurance athlete David Goggins.

David went from overweight and not a chance of hell of even making it into the military —

SEALgrinderPT workouts

to transforming his body to become one of the most respected endurance athletes on the planet.

David talks about this idea and how it can help you in your daily life.

It was referenced in the book Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet.

The SEAL who lived in Jesse’s house and trained him was David Goggins.

Jesse is a multi-millionaire and could have anyone come and help train him – but he wanted the very best.

David spoke of the rule where as your body will begin to break down and want to quit.

This is the point where you are only 40 percent done with your work and can continue on no matter how tired you are.

David explains that this rule is the reason that many athletes are able to finish a marathon (24 miles) even though their body hits a wall at around the 16 mile mark.

The body says I am done but the mind kicks in to override and finish out the drill.

For the record, David Goggins is known for his 5th place finish in the Badwater 135 mile race in Death Valley (some consider this the hardest running race on the planet) and for holding the World Record for pull-ups in 24-hours (4,025).

How can you take that and make it work in your own day to day life?

By realizing that you are capable of 60% more you can go on to achieve great things.

Got a project due at work and you feel tired?

You can kick your mind into overtime and finish the project on time and flawless.

What is one tip I can give you to achieve that?

When your body tells your mind it is tired you have respond with something. During Basic Underwater Demolitions SEAL (BUD/S training) we would say “looking good, feeling good, oughta be in Hollywood!”

It is a proven fact that a negative idea cannot exist alongside a positive thought in your mind.

You can override that negative thought with a more powerful positive mantra.

What can you do next? Put positive things in your mind on a daily basis.

Write them in your training journal. Say them aloud when you are working out.

We have many SGPT athletes that listen to motivational audios while rucking, running and working out to help cancel out negative thoughts.

This is your call to action. Take action now!

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