What is the Navy SEAL water challenge? Try it.

BuzzFeed accepts the challenge of the Navy SEAL water drills to complete without using their hands or feet.

The purpose of drown proofing is not for survival but rather to see if you can take control of your mind and not panic in a bad situation (one that could kill you).

Make sure that you have a swim buddy with you at all times while you are performing any water drills.

Navy SEAL Water Challenge
1. Bob up and down 20 times touching the bottom of the pool each time.

  1. Float on back with no feet or hands.

  2. Dolphin swim with no hands or feet.

  3. Front somersault and back somersault and pick up a mask with your teeth at the bottom of the pool.

TIP #1:
Don’t try this by yourself. Only do this with a swim buddy on the side of pool and another buddy in the pool. These drills can kill you if not performed properly. Don’t tie your hands and feet.

TIP #2:
Relax. Don’t try to muscle your way through these drills as you will sink and drown. Relax like a dolphin and fill your lungs with air so that you will float when needed.

Tip #3
You have to excel your breath fully in order to sink.Calm your mind and stay focused

Question: “Coach Brad; do you have a workout program that can help me train for BUDS?

Answer: Yes; check out the Freak Frogman workout ebook that I wrote for my son to train for BUDS.

If you do these workouts and mental edge drills you will have a jump start on the competition going into the Navy.

You of course will have to be committed and put in 100% to get the job done.

Question: How do I find a local SEAL motivator/recruiter?

Answer: Check out this article with all the info you need to contact them.

Question: Coach; I dont have access to a pool. What do I do?

Answer: Check out this article if you dont have access to a pool.

BUDS Pool Comp Tips

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