What kind of Self Defense do you recommend?

krav magaWe get asked this question all the time.

What kind of self defense do you recommend?

I personally like to roll in Ji-Jitsu and only wish I had more time.

I am not a self defense expert but like to learn and be around those that are.

There is so much to learn in all martial arts like Judo, Karate, Aikido and more.

But if I were to recommend to anyone I would say to check out Krav Maga.

Kokoro graduate and life-long athlete John R uses Krav Maga for his training.

​Marshell Davis teaches Krav classes out of his KBX gym in Alpharetta GA

What is it? Krav is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of techniques sourced from Aikido, Judo, boxing, wrestling along and real fight training

Check out Krav in your local area and see how you can learn a new skill to defend yourself.

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