When Pressure Hits, Your Habits Surface

Every day we wake up and make choices.

We look in the mirror and say to ourselves that we will make good choices.

You go to the gym. Eat a good healthy meal.

Control your monkey mind and think positive thoughts. Read 10 minutes from an inspiring book.

Get 8 hours of quality sleep. Rinse and repeat.

You pick a gnarly goal like completing a GORUCK or a Spartan Race and you train hard for that event.

All of these are good habits that feed your mind and body.

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Pressure and bad times will be on the horizon – it is inevitable.

When that happens you will rely on your good habit (your training) that have gotten you to this point.

If you have trained wrong and developed bad habits then those will rise to the surface.


If you have woke up late and skipped the gym. Snarfed down 3 donuts rushing out the door, spilling your diet coke and late for work. Driving in traffic you raise your fist in road rage. You finally get to work in a frazzle and slump your shoulders and tell yourself how much you hate your job. Eat a crappy lunch at a convenience store burrito with mystery meat. You watch the evening news with gloom and doom. Go to bed late and get 6 hours of restless sleep.

Those bad habits will come back to haunt you when the pressure drops on you. Chances are that you will melt down in a pile of blubber and cry like a little bitch. The people that depend on your most will not be able to rely on you.

That is not what you want to do.

You have to make the choice today of how you will train and rise to the occasion to face the pressure and succeed.

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If you do the daily workouts and follow our plan I guarantee you will make positive changes.

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