Who is the Warrior Monk?

If you read our daily emails you will definitely see our overall mission.

Find a way to grow 1% daily.

This can be in the physical body, This can also be your mind.

But how often do we talk about your soul? Your spirit?

How often has your heart been really tested?

It could have been in the last few hours of a GORUCK Heavy.

It may been been graduating from Kokoro?

The point is that how do we really know that we are ready for anything at anytime?

By constantly seeking out new challenges and competitive matches to test your skills.

The Warrior Monk is doing this daily. Hourly.

The way his (or her) mind is working is to find opportunity to exploit for good.

He could use his powers for evil.

But he fights that easy temptation and uses daily discipline to forge his sword.

How does he do that? By tapping deep into his values.

He knows that hard work pays. Every time.

So when he finds the opportunity to exploit he already assumes it will be a daily grind.

No one is made an overnight success in this country.

Many assume that everything is easy for the music Rockstar like Chance the Rapper.

They think that elite entrepreneurs like Elon Musk were handed a ton of money for him to go out and blow how ever he likes.

But what they don’t see is the countless hours with their nose to the grind stone to achieve their greater goals.

That is who the Warrior Monk is.

A warrior who is not afraid to get in the trenches daily.

One who smiles as the weight increases as he knows that he can easily take the strain.

He is calm and collected and business like in his approach.

He has been here in the heat of battle before.

This is because his daily grind of training is harder than the competition in front of him.

Does this resonate with you?

Who is the Warrior Monk?

He is a foot soldier on a higher path.

Are you on this path?

Or are you on another path that you don’t like?

Can you see yourself training your mind to propel your body forward to success?

Email me now brad@sealgrinderpt.com and let me know what you will be doing today to help improve yourself.

We only have 1 current spot open for SGPT Mind + Body Coaching.

We will be taking applications as we want to make sure this is a good fit.

Not everyone is accepted as we have to make sure you are a good fit for our group.

Gotta run.. heading out the door with my dogs for a run in the forest.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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