Why do Navy SEALs wear boonie hats so often?

Every time you turn around you see photos of Navy SEALs wearing boonie hats and wonder WTF?!? Over.

  • What’s the deal? You would think it would not be tactical-cool and just blow off their heads during a boat ride.

Well, hang on there buddy – the boonie hat has a very long history and the Spec Ops guys like them too.

For starters if you are just wanting to keep the sun off your eyes and neck this type of headgear is perfect.

It’s lightweight and you forget it’s there after a while. If you jump in a boat traveling at high speed you just extend the head strap string down under your chin.

Maybe your tired after a long mission and just trying to get some sleep on the C-130 airplane ride back – just pull that soft hat over your eyes.

Question: Where can I find out more info on join the Navy SEALs?

Answer: Check out the Navy’s main website here:

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