Why Quitters Quit and Winners Keep Hustlin’

Team SGPT:

One of the most important things that I ever learned happened on the BUDS Navy SEAL training grinder.

You see – I did not come from a warrior culture. I had only see cowboys and vikings and brave indians on TV.

I did not know what it was like to be in their presence and hear the words that they spoke.

So when Senior Chief Bravo said in a quiet voice “Boy, If you quit now your gonna quit the rest of your life”.

That hit me like a lightning bolt coming down from the sky.

Everything stopped for a moment as my tiny brain processed that matter of fact statement.

I remember looking up into the spray of the cold water hose – my nose and mouth getting overloaded with water.

I said “Hooya, Senior Chief”.

It was all of 10 seconds in my life.

After that day I was a changed man.

I had a new strength I never knew I had before.

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Yes; I was still short and un-athletic but I had put something in my mind.

The idea and belief that I was not a quitter. I was a winner… and winners put their heads down and keep on pushing forward.

I used that same idea late on in life when I got my first report card in college and had a C minus.

I was like screw this.. I am going back into the Teams.

But in my head I remembered what Senior Chief said and I knew deep down this was only a small obstacle.

Do you want to quit sometimes?

Do you get down on yourself?

I can relate and that is why I put together the SGPT audio series to help pull myself up from mediocrity and being average.

I have thought about quitting several times in my life but inside my gut I know that I have to keep going as others depended on me.

When I train other athletes I feel the same way as many of them are asking for me to help them find a way to win (and not quit).

In these audios I really have something to say about quitting and finding your way towards your goals.

I am not a professional speaker but I can assure you that I bring it from the heart.

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Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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