British Special Forces Test Bulletproof Helmets

Looking like something from Star Wars, SAS forces in the UK are testing helmets made from Kevlar that the creators say are “literally bulletproof.”(The SAS is the UK’s equivalent of the US Navy SEALs.)

Dubbed “Boba Fett” helmets after the infamous character in the Star Wars movies, they come with a HUD (Heads Up Display) that picks up signals to differentiate between “friend or foe” and are air-conditioned so the wearer is protected from gasses and heat. The HUD also has a GPS system that projects maps on the visor.

The helmet was first tested by US Navy SEALs and US Army’s Delta Force.

Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Question: Who are the British SAS?

The British Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the world’s most renowned and elite special forces units. Established during World War II in 1941, the SAS has earned a reputation for its exceptional combat proficiency, rigorous training, and expertise in conducting covert, unconventional, and high-risk operations. Comprised of highly skilled and versatile soldiers selected from the British Army, the SAS is known for its ability to operate behind enemy lines, gather intelligence, conduct reconnaissance, and execute precision strikes against strategic targets in diverse environments and terrains.

SAS operatives undergo intense and demanding training that hones their physical endurance, mental resilience, and tactical skills. Their training includes specialized techniques in marksmanship, close-quarters combat, evasion, survival, and various forms of unconventional warfare. With a history marked by successful missions and operations around the world, including the Falklands War, Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the SAS continues to adapt to evolving threats, remaining at the forefront of the United Kingdom’s defense strategy. Their versatility, professionalism, and ability to execute complex missions with precision have solidified the SAS’s reputation as one of the most elite and effective special forces units globally.

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