CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopter Pilot Extracts Navy SEAL Team

Check out this video of a Chinook pilot’s flying skills as he extracts a team of Navy SEALs on their Zodiac. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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The Chinook helicopter is one of many methods the Navy SEAL Teams use to infiltrate and area. The helicopter can drop the SEALs off from 20 feet into the air while moving forward. The operators land in the water and can swim to their objective.

When operators have finished their mission then the helo will fly to the pickup point and recover the frogmen. Check out this video and let us know what you think of this method.

Question: Coach, I need to work on building my core up. What do you recommend?

Answer: Plank holds, hollow rocks and flutter kicks are great ways to get your core built up fast. Also do mountain climbers–they help with flexibility and get your heart rate going on top of really working your upper body.

I also like to use hanging knee to chest. If you are strong enough then try hanging toe to bars.

Check out this ab workout that I did during lunch back at the SEAL Team compound.

3 rounds
10 hanging toe to bars
10 pushups
100 meter #50 suitcase carry with sandbag
Use good form and this workout will build a strong core.

Question: How can I find a US Navy SEAL recruiter?

Answer: Check out the Navy SEAL website here:

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